Developing phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is (as the name says) written in PHP and uses MySQL. Besides this, we also need people skilled in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, as these are all parts that make our user interface. You don't have to be an expert in all these areas - even knowing only one of them, you can still provide substantial help in creating or debugging some features.

Source Code Repository

phpMyAdmin Git repository is located at and you can browse them online using GitHub. Note that phpMyAdmin uses Composer to manage library dependencies, when using git development versions you must manually run Composer. Please see the documentation for details.

To checkout the code you can use one of the following examples:

git clone

Contributing code

The easiest way to contribute is to fork our code on github and initiate a pull request once you are done with some feature/bugfix. Please keep your changes as small as possible; do not include unrelated changes like formatting, whitespace and new line characters.

Our developers will then merge your code or will guide you through improving the patch. The patch will be of course committed under your name and mail, so that you receive appropriate credits. Generally after merging several good patches you will be offered write access to our repository.

Simple tasks to start

If you are looking for some simple task where you can start, check out newbie tagged issues in our tracker where you can find issues which might be good starting point for you.

Coding Standards

Standards should be obeyed in all cases when possible. Generated content should be valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS. PHP code should match PEAR Coding Standards and documented using phpDocumentator. More information about coding is available on our wiki.

Documentation and other resources

If you don't know much about Git, you can get some basic facts in Wikipedia or reference in the comprehensive book Pro Git.

More documentation for developers can be found in the following places:

Several statistics about the repository are available: